Freedom Walk in Bathtubs

handicap access shower for handicapped accessibility
Relax in the comfort of your home as you enjoy bathing independently in your own personal spa.

This easy access walk in bathtub features a low-level step making it a step in tub. This bathtub features a door allowing you to bathe in comfort and safety.

Experience the Freedom of Bathing in your own Personal Spa.

To increase your bathing pleasure add:

The Deep Muscle Massage of Hydrotherapy (water) Jets, bringing you the benefits of pain and ache relief, improved circulation and faster healing.
The Gentle Carressing Bubbles of Air Jets, for a softer massage, or
The Combination of both Hydrotherapy and Air Jets!
An Inline Water Heater to maintain the water temperature while you bath.

Freedom walk-in bathtubs are equally comfortable for people of all abilities.

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Getting The Most From Your Freedom Personal Spa

man in freedom spa walk in tub For added comfort and safety all Freedom Walkin Bathtubs feature:
  • A wide Water-tight Door
  • A generous Molded Seat
  • Luxurious, easy to clean surface
  • Anti-slip base and seat

Freedom walk in tubs come standard in white or bone. Many other color options are available to match or complement your bathroom, including granite-style solid surfaces.
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Helen's Tension Melts Away

Helen always loved to end her day with a hot bath to relax and let the days tensions melt away.

After two knee operations Helen wasn't able to use the same bathtub she had used for 27 years.

Helen looked at different options, but decided that an Easy Access Bathtub would allow her safety and all the therapeutic benefits of a spa in her own home. Helen can soothe her aches comfortably in her own home.

Rehab at home with whirlpool options to create your own personal therapeutic spa.

Water jets offer a deep massaging action to soothe sore muscles and aching joints

Air jets with warm gentle air bubbles are ideal for tender skin and stimulating blood circulation. Click Here to Download Freedom Spa Brochure

Is A Walk-In Bathtub The Right Choice For Me?

An easy access step in bath tub, allows you to enjoy a bath without being required to step into and out of a regular bathtub. The generous size walk in door makes it convenient to enter and exit the tub.

The anti-slip base and seat give you the extra confidence to enjoy bathing in comfort again.

The contoured, generous molded seat assists you as the seat height is designed for ease of sitting and standing.

The depth of the tub provides for comfortable bathing.

If you do require the assistance of another person, a walk in bathtub makes assisting much easier.

For many people a walk in bathtub is a fine alternative to installing an Accessible Shower. A residential Accessible Shower offers the user barrier free access and is the recommended for someone who wants "no step" at all, including wheelchair users. Additionally, Accessible Showers are often more economical than a walk in bathtub.

Will I Be Chilled When Draining The Tub?

The estimated time to drain the tub is only 2 minutes.

Installing a heat lamp in the bathroom is a very easy way to stay warm when draining the bathtub.

Will The Door Leak?

The revolutionary inward opening door is designed to be water tight and easy to operate. The door is self-sealing. As the bathtub starts to fill, the water helps to keep the door shut so there is no worry about leaks. The door can be hinged either left or right.

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Freedom Walk in Bathtubs - Models Available

It's easy to rehab at home with the options available to create your own personal therapeutic spa.

Your new Freedom Spa is helpful to people of diverse abilities, from a disabled adult with limited mobility to an agile teenager. The Freedom Spa is the premier tub for comfort and reliability. Universal design principles are followed to ensure better access for all users. Walk in bathtubs have been designed to compliment the d├ęcor of your bathroom. The solid uni-body construction also meets Hospital Grade specifications.

For all models you can add the optional water jets for a deep massaging action to soothe sore muscles and aching joints, and/or the optional air jet system with warm gentle air bubbles perfect for tender skin and stimulating blood circulation.Additionally the 1500 watt Inline Water Heater, can be added to maintain the water temperature while you bath.

Freedom Riviera Spa - APF5030WI

The Freedom Riviera Spa is one of the industries deepest walk in tubs, with an extra generous seat for bathing comfort.

The full size design conveniently fills the space used by the standard tub found in most homes.

Dimensions: 49 3/4” x 30” x 37 7/8”

Model #: APF5030WI

Click icon Freedom Riviera Spa APF5030WI to view product info for the Riviera Spa.

Freedom Tranquility Spa - APF5528WI

The FreedomTranquility Spa fits into almost any bathroom.

Dimensions: 54 3/4” x 28” x 38 1/4”

Model #: APF5528WI

Click icon Freedom Tranquility Spa APF5326WI to view product information for the Tranquility Spa.

Freedom Cozy Spa - APF4230WI

The Freedom Cozy Spa, is designed for compact spaces, such as a space used by a closet. For easy access the walk in door is conveniently positioned at the front of the tub. The Cozy Spa offers a feature rich walk in tub at an economical price.

Dimensions: 30” x 42” x 38 ¾”

Model #: APF4230WI

Click icon Freedom Cubby Spa APF4230WI to view product info for the Cozy Spa.

All Freedom Accessible Walk in Bathtubs offer water and/or air jet options allowing you to create your own personal theurapeutic spa.

All Freedom Walk in Bathtubs are standard white and available in biscuit and bone<.

Freedom Bathtubs are also available in high performance solid surface, one of the most versatile materials offered for bathware. This durable and non-porous surface is resistant to stains, mildew and bacteria.

Freedom Bathtubs Natural Granite Colors perfectly integrate to create the illusion of a single, solid granite style surface.

Air And/Or Hydrotherapy Jets

Add Air and/or Hydrotherapy Water Jets to your Freedom accessible walk in bathtub.

Air Jet systems with warm air bubbles are gentle on tender skin and stimulate blood circulation.

Water (Hydro) Jets provide a deep massaging action to soothe sore muscles and stiff joints.

The optional inline water heater maintains your water temperature.

Freedom Bathtubs are backed by a three (3) year limited warranty on gelcoat models and a five (5) year limited warranty on solid surface models.

Units meet UL standards for safety and have been tested to meet industry fire rating standards.

Designed and manufactured in compliance with the UPC Uniform Plumbing Code and ANSI Z124 Standards.

Freedom Spas are Made in America.

Accessibility Professionals products have assisted many people and organizations to transform their bathrooms, making them easier to use.

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Installation Guide

Click Here to Download Freedom Spa Installation Guide

An accessible bathroom can change your life. Increasing your freedom and independence in bathing doesn't have to be hard. Accessibility Professionals is here to make independence a reality.

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